SciLinks Group

SciLinks Group was founded in 2014, which is an industrial ecological service provider, focuses on new display, semiconductor, consumer electronics and other professional fields for a long time, provide to customers the comprehensive services such as consulting, commercial, investment and financing etc., to help customers improve their value by science, wisdom and capital.

Group’s Profile

Human-oriented, strive for excellence, create a new display and comprehensive service provider of ecological chain of consumer electronics industry of an international competitive pan semiconductor.

  • SciLinks EXPO

    Conference Exhibition, UDE Expo, iLife Expo, Leadership Summit, Academic Forum, Industry Conference

  • SciLinks THINKTANK

    Think Tank, Industry Research,Industry Training, Interview and Road-show, Overseas Investigation, Talent Service

  • SciLinks CULTURE

    Public Relations Activities, Media Communication, Owned Media

  • SciLinks CAPITAL

    Industrial Fund, Venture Capital Service

  • SciLinks COMMERCE

    Business Services