Knowledge makes wisdom, gather to be together. SciLinks THINKTANK is positioned as an open platform for industry research of new display, semiconductor and consumer electronics, results to release, training and investigation, talent service, which aims to serve the government and enterprises in scientific decision-making, lead the healthy development of the industry, promote the progress of academic research, tell the story of China display, promote the healthy development and progress of china's Pan semiconductor by the concept of “mutual creation and sharing, profession and acme”.


  • 1.Industry Research

    As the platform for consultation and exchange of industry people in the pan semiconductor display industry, it can provide technical, market and financial standardization research and analysis reports of professional consulting institutions and industry experts, and provide industry interpretation, assistance in operational decision-making for enterprises’ decision-makers with forward-looking insight into the development of the industry.

    • Communication Platform
    • Analysis Report
    • Industry Analysis
    • Strategic Dicision
  • 2.Customized Report

    Provide customers with one-to-one personalized market research and strategic consulting services, includes strategic research, industry planning, investment and financing programs, media consulting, forum summit, education and training etc., and provide services such as representative interview, field research and meeting organization, questionnaire research, and prohibited investigation etc.

    • Consulting Service
    • Interview Service
    • Research and Organizing Meetings
    • Questionnaire Investigation
    • Responsible Investigation
  • 3.Interview and Road-show

    Tailor-made interview programs for customers, in accordance with needs of customers, accurately match experts to conduct interview by telephone in person, arrange experts with in-depth understanding of technology, market, policy and industry to provide suggestions with commercial value, and assist customers to do business solutions. At the same time, in accordance with the further needs of customers, experts can be arranged for door-to-door exchanges, give detailed introduction and answers to customers on the competition situation of the industry or the company, products plan, development route and so on, and put forward suggestions. And can provide varieties of road-show forms in accordance with the needs of customers.

    • Demand
    • Follow-up
    • Arrangement
    • Follow-up after Interview
  • 4.Industry Training

    SciLinks THINKTANK, together with domestics and overseas well-known universities and vocational colleges, gathered strong faculty members such as experts, professors of the industry and business elites, to innovated the theoretical and practical curriculum system, and reshaped the display industry training program, cooperated to constructed EMBA promotion projects which suitable for senior management of electronic information and pan semiconductor display industry, senior management training courses for middle-level management cadres and special training plan of technology management for grassroots level technical backbones, which aims to expand high-quality industrial resources, strengthen theoretical and practical cognition, to promote industrial transformation, upgrading and innovation, further to improve long-terms competitiveness of trainees and the enterprise development.

    • Project Selection
    • Match Experts
    • Coordination Meeting
    • Collect Feedback
    • Send Minutes
  • 5.Overseas Investigation

    SciLinks THINKTANK will organize an investigation team of the industry for overseas investigation every year, the schedule will be customized in accordance with the needs of customers, that can include enterprise visits, discussion and exchange, professional exhibition, seminar of famous colleges, lecture of overseas grandmaster, management case sharing, leisure and sightseeing etc., it is a high-quality platform for enterprise managers to improve themselves, communication and exchange.

    • Project Selection
    • Customer Invitation
    • Execute Project
    • Send Minutes
  • 6.High-end Headhunters

    SciLinks THINKTANK has a large number of industry experts, mostly are executives, marketing, R & D and investors, which has not only become the co-operate partners in many projects such as business consultation and expert interview with customers, but also has gradually developed into an important platform for many customers to excavate elite talents for years. SciLinks THINKTANK can better understand customer's demand for talents, can provide professional services such as mid-senior talents hunting, background investigation, human resource management consulting, research on the development trend of industry talents, to promote display industry talent recruitment specialization, intelligence, platform.

    • Evaluation and Selection
    • Recommendation Report
    • Interview Assessment
    • Selection of Candidates

Media Platform

Two Major Media Brands

Display Express

Adhere to the positioning of "intensive cultivation of display industry, deep excavation of display hot-spots", provide fresh and informative display industry news and technology trends, insightful analysis reports, rich enterprise data, quickly understanding of display industry trends.

Display Express
E View

Focus on the TMT industry, concentrate on the fields such as smart home, smart travel, human-vehicle-home full scene smart solutions and so on, covers smart hardware black technology such as smart-phone, wearable device, the Internet of things website, cross border application services, and provide professional interpretation for b-end industries and C-end consumers.

E View
Display express official account

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E View official account

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Five Major Professional Platforms


UDE2020, the first display industry chain display experienced exchange platform of the world.

UDExpo UDExpo
iLife Expo

iLife2020, full application of latest technology products in future life.

iLife Expo iLife Expo

The Smart Display Branch information platform of the Internet of automobile website, which belongs to CVIA, the application of automobile smart network is the main direction of the future development of smart vehicles, also the hot-spot of the automobile industry.

New Display Industry Summit

The annual global comprehensive industry summit jointly held by both sides of cross-strait, starts from the discussion of integration of science, technology and industry, gradually become the platform of industry technology, industry upstream and downstream connection and talent exchange and cooperation for cross-strait and all of the world.

New Display Industry Summit New Display Industry Summit
Micro-LED Display

Across three major fields such as LCD,LED,semiconductor, the consulting platforms of global sharing.

Micro-LED Display Micro-LED Display

THINKTANK Information

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