Talents Concept

SciLinks Group put talents at the height of enterprise’s strategic development, in order to better stabilize and attract outstanding talents, give full play to the role of outstanding talents in the development of the company, and ensure the implementation of the long-term sustainable development strategy of the enterprise's management, to provide a broad space for the outstanding talents to realize their personal value.

Core and Mission of Group Management

Welcome to join SciLinks big family!

SciLinks always adheres to the talent concept of “No limits, the diversity spirit, wide solicit for talents”, we will rely on the upward growth platform of SciLinks Group, closely gather and cooperate with great project.

The external business of the enterprise is customer, and the internal business is human resources. Which is through the internal management of human resources, to manage customers well external, and in the end to create value for customers, further create benefits for society.

The talents of keep moving, full of vigour and vitality, innovations are the greatest value for SciLinks Group. The personal career development goals of the employees are consistent with the development goals of SciLinks Group, therefore produce a new and dynamic enterprise atmosphere with driving force, cultivate and attract a large number of senior talents, and form an excellent team of SciLinks Group.

Let's work together to realize our life value!

Let's unite, to win the great victory of our common cause!